“The Hackney Podcast is just the type of targeted and locally orientated content that sets podcasting apart from conventional radio broadcasting. Using first rate contributors the podcast examined how water fits into the lives of people in Hackney” —SONYS 2010

“One of the best mixed pieces of radio I’ve ever heard” —RADIO ACADEMY 2010

“An imaginative and creative podcast that uses the fluid structures of a podcast to let strong themes and characters develop. A magical listen with great soundscapes” —SONYS 2011

“As diverse and intriguing as the location they organically emerge from. Just one example of how imaginative features and radio art are quietly flourishing in the UK” —GUARDIAN 2010

“Haunting, magical radio” —GUARDIAN 2011

“Worth tracking down even if you don’t live in Hackney” —TIME OUT 2009

“Essential listening, basically” —CAUGHT BY THE RIVER

“A gift for making sounds flow” —JAD ABUMRAD, RADIO LAB WNYC

“We love the Hackney Podcast” —REMIX RADIO, PRX