Hackney Hear nominated for Technical Innovation Award

Hackney Hear is excited to have been nominated for the Radio Academy's inaugural Technical Innovation Awards. As you all know thanks to the Arts Council we've been building a prototype app over the summer around the London Fields area and we'll be launching it to iTunes soon so you can all have a go.

We'll be presenting our prototype app at TechCon at the Radio Festival on 31 October. There are just three nominees so fingers crossed for us!

About Hackney Hear

Hackney Hear is an audio iPhone app which triggers interviews, features, poetry and new writing depending on your location by GPS around east London. Funded by the Arts Council, and created by the award-winning Hackney Podcast, Hackney Hear is an immersive soundscape scoring your journey with stories and music, whilst eavesdropping on
conversations from all walks of life. Hackney Hear is due to launch in December 2011 for iPhone for free.

For more information about Hackney Hear visit: hackneyhear.com

For interviews, email hackneyhear@gmail.com or call 07817 168339

About Amblr

Amblr is a new digital platform for the creation of location-based experiences across a widerange of genres. It was founded by Alex Butterworth, the prize-wining historian and crossmedia author along with Stuart Lynn and Joe Zuntz, two veterans of Zooniverse citizen science projects. It’s first slate of projects, developed with diverse partners and collaborations including Hackney Hear will be announced in October 2011.

About TechCon

Tech Con celebrates technical developments in the radio industry at the Radio Academy’s annual Radio Festival. The Technical Innovation Award is new this year: “Whether you are a station engineer who has devised a new idea which helps your station interact with their audience, increase production standards, reduce costs or create revenue, or perhaps a manufacturer or supplier who has brought out a new product or service which helps stations achieve this ... We want to celebrate technical minds throughout the industry who are thinking outside the norm, going the extra mile and achieving the extraordinary.”

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