Edition 8: DIY Cocktails, Victorian book clubs and the London Assembly

Trees reflected in waterOff Broadway’s cocktail consultant Benji reveals his method for the perfect Martini.  Jennette Arnold, Chair of the London Assembly, explains how she and the rest of the Assembly hold Mayor Boris Johnson to account, and why the Dalston regeneration scheme may have to reconsider their goals and think about new partners.

Guardian journalist and Clapton Pond blogger Dave Hill takes us to his local corner shop Palm 2 to meet proprietor Abdullah and his wide range of olives.

Abdullah expanded his empire a couple of years ago to open Organic and Natural on the other side of Lower Clapton Road. He shows us his Stoke Newington-imported luxury breads and wonders whether the recession will impact on his shop.

Margaret Willes, author of Reading Matters tells us about John Dawson's eclectic collection of books left to Shoreditch Parish Church in 1752, the rebellious Victorian all-female reading group in Newington Green, and the difficulty of browsing in Hackney's early public libraries. To end, we return to Off Broadway for a Blood and Sand cocktail as made by Harry Craddock at London’s Savoy Hotel in 1922.

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